Bundle of adorable

This little gal lives up to her name. She’s a bundle of softness and purrs, curious and loving. She loves to curl up in her foster mother’s lap and rub her head against her cheek, and fiercely protect her against any invading stuffed mice. Fuzzet loves to play  and sleep. She will be grow to be a loving companion – loyal, smart, and gentle. Fuzzet was found after a storm, lost, wet, and scared. She is about 6 weeks old, young for adoption but she is already separated from her mother by whatever put her out in the wild.

For information about Fuzzet, call Jessica at Dawgs ‘n Kats: (555) 555-5555.



Hi, I’m Arrow

Awesome Arrow here…mature gentleman, thank you very much, I do like my privacy.

DOB: 5/1/2010 WEIGHT: 9 lbs
BREED: Male, Angora Mix

Call Sam at (555) 555-4321


3-year-old, neutered male, domestic short hair, 10 lbs. 

Ryder views the world as his never-ending playground and is up for anything. This fearless extrovert charms everyone that meets him with his out-sized personality and loves playing with other cats and, yes, dogs. He has a high tolerance for commotion and will join in any party. He would love a home with children knowledgeable about pets. He adapts quickly to other animals and enjoys their company. His high energy and curiosity makes him a good fit for a fast-paced, active home.

Ryder came to us when his owner married a man allergic to cats.

If you’re interested in Ryder, please call Donna at Dawgs ‘n Kats —(555) 555-5555

Alley, adult medium-hair grey cat


8-year-old, neutered male, domestic long hair, 13 lbs.

His name may be Alley but this elegant aristocrat of a cat is anything but a scruffy stray. Alley came to us when his elderly owner passed away. His calm, thoughtful demeanor reflects the love and care he received all his life.

He loves being petted but also loves to just sit near you and be a peaceful companion. His wild days are over and he would appreciate a peaceable home with adults. He will give back in many ways, not the least of which is a rich purr that can ease the most troubled heart.

For information about Alley, call Donna at Dawgs ‘n Kats: (555) 555-5555.

Astro, orange-striped-cat


2 years old, neutered male, domestic shorthair, 11 lbs.

Astro can thank his lucky stars, because after a car hit him, he made it out of the vet hospital in Springfield and found a temporary home with us. Astro’s a little nervous, but once he settles down, he loves people to pet him. He’s lean and lanky, and even though we think he’s fit to run a kitty marathon, he weighs almost 12 pounds!

Astro is a sweetheart, but he’s very scared right now. Come meet with him and see what a great guy he can be. Maybe you can give him his forever home!

For information about Astro, call Jessica at Dawgs ‘n Kats: (555) 555-5555.

Snowball and Sally

6 months old, spayed female domestic shorthairs, 4 lbs. (Snowball) and 5 lbs. (Sally)

If you’re looking to bring some love and joy into your home, look no further than these two girls. They’re 6-month-old rescues—amazingly sweet and loving. They’re affectionate (big-time purrers and cuddlers), playful, and endlessly entertaining. They are also healthy, have had their shots, have been spayed, and are litterbox trained. Because they’ve bonded to each other, we’d like to keep them together.

For information about Snowball and Sally, call Jessica at Dawgs ‘n Kats: (555) 555-5555.